Kenai, Alaska

Premium Fishing Escape

June 22-26, 2020


We are thrilled you are joining us for this trip. We are grateful for each of you and your contribution to Truss. We're looking forward to connecting with you. We know each of you will enjoy some once-in-a-lifetime fishing together.










Monday, June 22 - Day One

Arrive at the SeaScape Lodge

Tuesday, June 23 - Day Two

Kenai King Salmon Fishing

Wednesday, June 24 - Day Three

Fly-In Fishing Trip

Thursday, June 25 - Day Four

Halibut Fishing Trip

Friday, June 26 - Day Six

Check Out at 9:00 am

*All meals included and served daily

Suggested Flights

To get to Kenai it will take a few steps. Your first step is to buy a round trip ticket to Anchorage. We have listed the preferred flight below:

DL 1777 Depart SLC 6:41 AM Arrive SEA 7:50 AM
DL 2069 Depart SEA 9:48 AM Arrive ANC 12:35 PM

DL 2069 Depart ANC 1:25 PM Arrive SEA 5:53 PM
DL 528 Depart SEA 6:48 PM Arrive SLC 9:45 PM

You then have the option to:
A) Rent a car in Anchorage and drive 3 hours to Kenai
B) Book the below flight in and out of Kenai

Kenai Flight Option
*You will need to get your luggage and re-check it
Alaska 4836 Depart ANC 3:30 PM Arrive ENA 3:57 PM

Alaska 4829 Depart ENA 10:45 AM Arrive ANC 11:12 AM









Accomodation Information

Alaska's SeaScape Lodge is a 5-star property in the heart of The Kenai Penninsula. Close to the great fishery areas, many have loved the location and the service. Known for its charming and exclusive space, this lodge will act as a great place for connections to grow and adventure to find.

Alaska SeaScape lodge serves the finest food in town. With a private chef to cook all our meals, you won't go hungry. Superb entrees such as fresh wild Alaska halibut, Alaska king crab, and house-smoked prime rib await anglers at the lodge after each great day of fishing.

Since the SeaScape Lodge has limited space, members on this trip will be sharing rooms. Each room has as least full beds and a full bathroom. We will be making room assignments soon. Although this is different than our typical experiences, we believe this intimate setting will only add to the adventure and fun of the trip. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Click here to watch a video about The SeaScape Lodge. Details on the property and the various fishing tours are included. We know you will have the trip of a lifetime!

Truss Attendees

  • Dave Andersen - BCJ Financial
  • Dan Posner - Big Leap
  • Joel Sybrowsky - Dynamic City Capital
  • Terry Lyman - G&A Partners
  • Darrin & Ibi Guevara - Hunt Electric
  • Chris Olsen - JC Olsen Ventures
  • Brady Murray - Mass Mutual Intermountain West
  • Trent Savage - Mountain America Credit Union
  • Ray & Juliane Langhaim - NICE InContact
  • Jim Bennett - Now CFO
  • Justin Mabey - Steward Ventures
  • Kurt Flygare - Visible Supply Chain Management