Cory Moore CEO

People Join Truss Because They Want to Grow Their Network

I have been a longtime supporter of Truss. I don’t have a lot of spare time to “network.” But I will never stop coming to Truss®. Where else can I meet new people and reconnect with true friends and peers in such a short period of time? If I had to work to maintain these relationships on my own, I would probably have to spend an extra 15 hours a month at least! Truss saves me massive amounts of time and energy. I love it.

Finding like-minded individuals as business owners and executives can be very challenging. At Truss, we remove the guesswork and difficulties of meeting like-minded people by getting you together with them through our events. Our curated events create comfortable situations and gatherings that spark open conversations, leading to authentic moments. These moments, gathered over time, grow into genuine connections that become established relationships on which you can create a valuable framework for any professional. This is how Truss helps you build a network without networking.

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People Join Truss to Grow as a Leader

When I joined Truss almost 10 years ago, it provided a platform in which I was able to listen and learn from people who have “been there and done that” successfully for years. Truss has become my trusted network for like-minded business professionals as well as personal relationships.

Many Truss members have succeeded in their initial endeavors and are looking to find out what’s next. Whether our members are like-minded, share similar life experiences, or are as different as can be are irrelevant to what we accomplish – creating authentic connections and relationships for our members. People join Truss because it fulfills personal and professional deficiencies. Whether you are looking to 10X your next business or looking to become more productive as a CEO, Truss members have the opportunity to learn from one another’s experiences. Truss helps you grow as a leader.

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Russell Burnett Founder
Dave Rutter CEO

People Join Truss to Grow Their Business

Truss has been very instrumental in several key hires. These are individuals that are moving our business forward in substantial ways. We have also met and developed strategic relationships with companies that have been very beneficial for our company. I can recommend the great team at Truss without any reservation!

There are so many ways to grow your business and our members are eager to share these insights with you. A significant benefit of Truss is no restrictions on businesses working with one another. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with other professionals on business growth topics such as investments, growth strategies, obtaining funding, and how to sell your business. So, if you need helping hands for the problem you are facing, they may be a phone call away.

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Our Member Companies Make Access to Truss a Valuable Perk and Opportunity

At work, I had an issue I wanted to discuss with someone that had been through something similar. So I reached out to Jeff Rust to see if other members of Truss could help. The speed in which Jeff was able to organize a group of high-quality leaders that have gone through similar experiences and challenges was super helpful and impressive. The interchange of conversation was constructive, and I couldn’t have asked for better advice. Being a CEO is lonely, and not many people know or care what you are dealing with. Knowing that I now have a group of individuals I trust that I can call on again is super valuable.

Many Truss members are executives for their companies and the company has an existing membership with Truss. These members relay that Truss is a valuable sounding board for ideas where they can gain insights into their business’s challenges or individual demands within their role. We improve the business capabilities of our members through a trusted community that shares ideas and concepts, helping the excellent companies in Utah consistently thrive. 

We cultivate diverse environments where members are provided with what they need, regardless of what it is. We know that professional needs change as businesses evolve as leaders and owners mature. Truss is the place for your executives to share their insights, spark ideas for others and be part of the economic landscape of Utah.

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Misty Frost Executive Director
Jim Bennett Founder

People Join Truss to Be with Amazing People in Amazing Places

Truss is a tax-deductible way to travel the world and meet incredible people.

One of the favorite reasons members continue with Truss is the opportunity to travel to the most outstanding destinations. Travel is an incredibly enriching experience and deepens the connections between those who travel together. Our trips provide the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the office and connect with peers. If this is not why you join, it will be a primary reason you remain a member. We have several domestic and international trips each year to gather the right people together and create an environment where solid and much-needed relationships are forged outside the business sphere. The quintessential part of our trips is that our members gain expansive opportunities and find great personal and professional connections in Truss.

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