Edmund Mackey
Edmund Mackey CEO of Aptive Environmental

People Join Truss Because They Want to Grow Their Network

As a transplant to Utah, Truss has helped me and my wife meet high level leaders in a fun and engaging way.

I’ve been to a lot of corporate, high level events around the country and Truss events are first class, but the most important part is the people.

Due to their eligibility requirements, Truss provides a “safe environment” to meet peers.

People Join Truss To Grow

When we started UBA Fund 1 with a goal of raising $100 million 3 years ago, my partners and I knew it would be a daunting task. Joining Truss helped us expedite a very successful and oversubscribed raise and launch a myriad of projects that are adding to the economic fabric of Utah.

On a more personal note, my wife and I have truly enjoyed the outstanding and first-in-class vacations and networking events that Truss makes possible, and through these experiences, we have developed some incredible friendships. With the hard work of 10X growth at UBA in the past 3 years, having Truss as a trusted Unified Business Alliance partner has helped make this journey even better.

John Briggs
John Briggs CEO of Unified Business Alliance
Matt Wardle
Matt Wardle President and CEO of JD Machine Corp.

People Join Truss to Grow Their Business

Truss has enabled me to connect with people both personally and professionally.

The events are first class and set an environment where meaningful conversations come naturally.

Truss has been an investment that has paid huge dividends for me and my company.

Our Member Companies Make Access to Truss a Valuable Perk and Opportunity

The Truss process of meeting people and building relationships is easier and more efficient than anything I could do on my own.

The connections we’ve made through Truss have evolved into solid, strong business relationships and meaningful, lifelong friendships.

Rich Day
Rich Day Founder of Rich Day Group
Alex Bean
Alex Bean Tandem

People Join Truss to Be with Amazing People in Amazing Places

We recently sold Divvy for over $2B nearly 4 years after inception. As a co-founder of Divvy, Truss gave me three things over that period:

1) Peer conversations during a very intense time in the business.

2) Opportunities for deals pre and post transaction.

3) An opportunity to take my wife on international trips that made her happy, created lasting friendships, and was justifiable as a business expense because of the business connections.