Meet The Right People


Get Away And Connect

It’s true that when you disconnect and get away from your routine, your mind resets and gets sharper. This is why we plan various events and destination experiences. You’ll have a chance to take a break from the office, establish meaningful relationships, and develop better strategies to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Local Events

Local events are held for our members to easily connect with colleagues and even strengthen their personal relationships. These events include Connect Lunches, Date Nights, and Local Getaways.

Destination Experiences

Destination experiences are bucket-list-worthy travel locations for our members. You’ll have a chance to take a break from the office, enjoy beautiful getaways, and have some time to relax while experiencing world travel.

Travel The World With Truss

Standard Destination Experiences

Our standard experiences include unique events and opportunities to make and develop key connections. These are typically 2-3 days.

Premium Destination Experiences

With the Premium Destination Experiences you can enjoy exclusive activities in extraordinary locations. Premium experiences are typically international and include six to nine days away. You’ll have time to break away, enjoy your surroundings, and connect with the right people.

Experience An Event With Truss

Events with Intent

Our events are designed to provide the best experience and are curated from an invite-only list. This is done with a purpose in order to better meet your needs.

Enriched Engagement

Engage at a level that’s comfortable for you. We make sure that the events we plan fit what’s right for you.

Genuine Connections

Networking is about meeting the right people. This is why we foster an environment for the best relationships to form and develop.

Experience An Event With Truss

Effortlessly Connect with Your Peers

You’ll be able to easily connect with other like minded peers with a Truss membership. Entrepreneurs and business leaders thrive with this networking opportunity because connections are effortlessly made with others who share similar interests. Our events are designed to fulfill the varying needs and requirements of our diverse member base, providing unforgettable experiences and meaningful connections.

Truss Enables Business And Personal Wealth Stimulated Through Strategic Connections And Relationship Capital

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