Who We Are – CEO Advisory

We’re a CEO networking group that connects you to other executives in various industries, so you can get useful insights from our peer advisors. Truss is in the unique position to help you network with a carefully cultivated group of professionals who can learn about your business goals and provide continuous mentorship and coaching. We hold local and international events to facilitate business networking opportunities, which can help you fine tune your leadership and employee dynamics. CEOs who become members of our peer advisory group can get guidance that will propel their future success.


Our Peer Advisors Will Get to Know You

We are Your Framework and Support

It’s all about getting to know your business needs and helping you reach your goals through relevant advice. Our CEO business group will learn about your procedures and practices, so we can suggest what you may be doing right and what you could do to improve. It’s important to have a mentor in your corner who understands your industry and has been through many of the same challenges you’re dealing with. Being a professional in a position of leadership has its own unique set of obstacles, which is why there is often ambiguity and uncertainty. A networking group for business executives will answer your most pressing questions and provide you with strategic solutions. 

We Facilitate Business Networking

Truss facilitates business networking by putting on getaway activities, luncheons, date nights and other social events. You’ll build meaningful relationships with individuals who are genuinely invested in your success and are eager to learn from your experience as well. Our CEO peer advisory group is mutually beneficial for all members involved and it is why our model works so well. After we get to know you, we put together a targeted list of industry experts to attend invite-only events with you and provide you the opportunity to discuss your business strategies. 

Lets Get Started

We Help CEOs Grow Their Businesses

We provide you with unforgettable experiences and connections that will produce favorable outcomes for everyone involved. When you meet with your business executive networking group, you will gain insightful knowledge from professionals who bring a fresh perspective and may have already gone through similar challenges. You can use your newly acquired wisdom to implement changes to your interpersonal office dynamic and see changes in the inner workings of your organization. As a member of a CEO networking group, you will also find satisfaction in offering your comprehension of subjects and industry mastery to the other members. 

Learn About Our Networking Group

Confidential guidance is hard to come by when you’re the head of a company and deal with volatile issues that not many will have experience handling. Our CEO business group makes it easy to connect with other leaders in your field who can act as your sounding board, helping you pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your company. Like the strong, triangular configuration of a truss bridge, Truss helps professionals unite, organize and create a solid structure that will lead them to success. Contact us online and we will schedule an initial consultation to get you on your way to joining our personally and professionally rewarding business networking group.


Truss enables business and personal wealth stimulated through strategic connections and relationship capital.

Where we’re going & where we’ve been

moving forward together

Moving Forward Together

With Truss we have one shared goal – to create the most valuable experience possible for our members. As a member of Truss you belong to a group of peers who understand the challenges you face and want to help and support you in conquering those challenges so you’re constantly moving forward. We are the pivot point that gets you from where you are to where you need to go.

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