* These attendees and businesses below 10 million require approval from the Truss Eligibility committee

** Annual revenue to be verified and certified by a third party CPA and official organizational chart to be submitted with application.

You build stronger connections and do some of your best thinking when you disconnect from your routine and get away. Truss Destination Experiences are bucket-list-worthy opportunities for you to break away from the office, enjoy a beautiful get away with both adventurous activities and relaxing downtime, and focus on making and growing meaningful relationships for your business and yourself. Enjoy forging new connections and strengthening current ones in extraordinary locations. From teeing off at Pinehurst to an afternoon on a private island in Tahiti, Truss has the experience you didn’t know you were looking for.

We believe that Tailored Connecting is one of the best ways to get introduced to fellow industry leaders and receive feedback that you may not find anywhere else. The unique circumstances and ambiguity that heads of companies deal with can make it feel as though there is nowhere to turn for answers. However, in our CEO networking group, you’ll meet business professionals who understand what you’re going through and what’s worked for them. 

Members of Truss will act as a sounding board, which can help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement. Our mentorship program has its own innovative model and is unlike any other meetup group or online platform. This is a concierge service that groups members by industry, executive experience, region and more, so that the targeted nature of the event will bring about more beneficial results. Tailored Connecting are invite-only events that are exclusive to members. Begin learning effective corporate strategies and build lasting relationships with your peers.

Traveling together is a powerful way accelerate and develop deep and personal connections. Truss Destination Experiences are the consummate way to both connect with your partner as well as make and build genuine connections with other industry leaders, all while enjoying exclusive activities and destinations.

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