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Membership Requirements

  • Companies providing a minimum of 10 million dollars in revenue
  • Pricing starts at $20,000.00 per year

Ensured Commonalities, Ensure Success

Being a member of Truss means you belong to a private, exclusive group of peers who share common experiences and are motivated to help each other. We’re a private community of business professionals who are dedicated to helping each other make the right connections, opening opportunities for the furthered growth and success of all our members.

In order to foster a confidential environment for open communication and growth, we have specific requirements and a vetting process our members must go through in order for consideration in the group, ensuring commonalities for all of our members and for prospective members.

Business Requirements

Our basic requirements for businesses to meet an annual revenue minimum ensures compatibility amongst our members, providing the most value for return on time and allowing for mutually beneficial collaborations to occur.

  • Companies providing a minimum of 10 million dollars in revenue
  • Pricing starts at $20,000.00 per year

Personal Requirements

Our vetting process ensures that our members share similar goals and values. Being a member of Truss isn’t about an immediate ROI, it’s about becoming part of a community who values and develops relationships that leads to the personal and professional success and growth of our community.

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Consult and Discover

We’ll schedule a time to meet with you, learn more about you, your business, your needs, and will share more about how Truss can benefit you.

Verified and Certified

After we meet and your application is submitted, we’ll verify and certify annual revenue through a third-party CPA.

Make Key Connections

We’ll help you make key connections with your peers, so you can forge authentic relationships with people who are genuinely invested in your success.

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