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Customized Events

Our events are designed to be more than just a networking lunch or meeting—we design our invite-only events to make connecting with the right people easy and organic for you. Each event provides you with opportunities to make key connections with other leaders and experts in their industry.

Our events vary from lunches at high-end restaurants to several days away in an exotic locale, so regardless of how busy your schedule can get, Truss has an event that will allow you to connect with your peers and accelerate your relationships. Our deliberately curated activities and events can help you build a 20-year network in 3 to 4 years.

Connect Lunches

Our Connect Lunches are held monthly for the first three quarters of the year. They are hosted at fine dining establishments or catered at unique, private locations. These are member-only events, allowing you the time to engage in serious discussions with other business leaders about anything you or your business is facing. It also gives you the opportunity to share your expertise and assist others in the group with questions or concerns they are experiencing.

connect lunches

Date Night

Running low on creative date night ideas? Creating memories with your better half, while reconnecting with your friends, is what Date Nights are all about! We plan our Date Nights to not only be a fun and relaxing experience for you and your partner, but to provide you both with high-quality connections that can benefit you personally and professionally. Expect treats, connection and lots of fun!

Local Getaway

Our Local Getaways are all about connecting and accelerating your relationships. Held at high-end resorts nestled in the beautiful Utah mountains, our Local Getaways are the perfect weekend event for you to disconnect, recharge and develop more meaningful connections with your partner and your peers.

Happy Hours

You’ve just completed a hard day’s work and aren’t quite ready to head home? Join us for a casual happy hour to shake off the day and kick up those heels. What can possibly be better than going into an establishment to partake of cocktails, mocktails, soda, and convivial connections? We’ve taken care of all the details.

Destination Experiences

Traveling together is a powerful way accelerate and develop deep and personal connections. Truss Destination Experiences are the consummate way to both connect with your partner as well as make and build genuine connections with other industry leaders, all while enjoying exclusive activities and destinations.

destination experiences

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