Why Truss?

Why join Truss?

We create growth opportunities for our members through strategic and meaningful connections.

What makes us different?

1. Our Members

Truss members must meet a specific set of criteria to ensure our member can relate to one another. Having similar goals, challenges, and experience accelerate future opportunities.

2. Our Tailored Connecting

We will tailor invite-only events for you based on your business needs and goals, guaranteeing meaningful connections with a pre-determined targeted list of individuals.

3. Our Experiences

We believe shared experiences are the easiest way to accelerate relationships. We design bucket-list-worthy experiences for you to break away, connect with the right people, and discover opportunities for your business.

The Meaning of Truss

A truss is a structure that is strong because of how the individual parts are assembled together. The most common example is a truss bridge, easily recognized by its triangular configuration. A truss is a symbol of strength – strength in unity, organization, and structure. We extend the metaphor to our organization as we strengthen relationships to produce opportunities for our members.