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Why Do Business Owners Join Truss®?

Truss® is connecting business owners nationwide through executive peer groups that are stronger and offer more possibilities than ever before. Members meet at social gatherings where they can discuss growth strategies and meet professionals who can relate to some of the biggest challenges they face in business. Our ever-expanding networking groups are a more personable way to receive guidance and find camaraderie among your peers.

See what Truss® has to offer business owners like you in Idaho.

Valuable Connections With Peer Groups

Creating valuable experiences for executives is our goal at Truss®. We do this by designing our events, outings, and getaways around business growth and improvement. Becoming part of a networking group will be professionally beneficial and personally enriching as well. Our leadership makes it worthwhile by selecting members who offer a different expertise and unique perspectives. It’s hard to find a C-suite networking community that rivals the value we bring. And now, networking isn’t limited to your geographic location. As Truss® builds a network across the country, you will have access to a larger circle and more business opportunities.

Share Beneficial Business Insights

Truss® continues to cultivate exclusive, invite-only events where executives gather to socialize and gain fresh new ideas. This is where you go to find professionals who can relate to the challenges of business ownership, exchange strategies, and form new relationships in the community. The events are opportunities to communicate freely and establish a source of peers who can offer their support. Through active participation, mentorship, and learning, members will get the most out of these bucket-list-worthy experiences. Enjoy sharing with your peers and get inspired to grow your business!

Truss® Welcomes New Members

Begin with a consultation in which we’ll get to know you, your business goals, and get a better idea of the peer group we can connect you with. We’ve caught the attention of local Idaho business owners just like you, who are looking to tap into a network of insightful and knowledgeable professionals. Consider being the next business owner or C-suite executive to join our ranks and partake in our mutually beneficial executive networking organization. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and learn more about becoming a member.

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