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Why Join An Executive Peer Group In Colorado?

Truss® bridges the gap between C-suite executives and their peers in Colorado by facilitating executive peer groups where they can connect. Groups meet at engaging and informative events that take the form of luncheons, golf outings, date nights and more. We create a social environment for C-suite executives and business owners to share and learn through strategic connections and casual conversation. People join Truss® to find genuine camaraderie, both personally and in the business world.

Take part in exclusive business networking events and getaways that will inspire you to take your business to another level.

Meet Business Owners and C-Suite Executives

The purpose of Truss® is to offer a place where CEOs and other executives can relate to their peers and gain insights that are hard to find anywhere else. Not only will you exchange ideas about how to confront the challenges of business ownership, but you may find that you’ll make meaningful relationships along the way. Every member at Truss® brings a unique perspective and expertise that makes them an asset to our organization and provides a well-rounded atmosphere that’s rewarding for everyone involved. This is an executive networking organization unlike any other in Colorado. This is where members do more than network; they form lasting friendships with other business leaders in their community.

Exchange Ideas and Share Experiences

At our exclusive, invite-only events and bucket-list-worthy experiences, you’ll get to meet new people and discover growth opportunities. The goal at Truss® is to bring value to our members through a supportive business networking group with the feel of a social club. While traditional networking might conjure up images of stuffy suits and conferences, we have a different vision for our members. Here, we encourage active mentorship and learning through curated and exclusive experiences, with the perk of making friends in a comfortable environment. Participate in the Truss® networking model and have fun while growing your business!

Truss® Has an Open Seat for You

It’s no wonder why Truss® has captured the attention of local business owners in Colorado. The personal and professional value that is shared in our peer-to-peer interactions is unparalleled. This is more than just a place to exchange business cards, it’s a member-focused C-suite networking community that cultivates fulfilling experiences to all who join. Submit a contact form, so a member of our team can learn more about you and share how Truss® can help elevate your life and business. Let us get to know you, your goals, and what your business is all about. There’s an open seat waiting at our table for professionals just like you.

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