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How Does Truss® Help Businesses Grow?

Truss® is creating new opportunities for members by building nationwide affiliations and strengthening our network. Our events and interactions provide members with business growth strategies and the chances to create lasting connections with other business owners and C-suite executives. We’re a networking group for CEOs and other executives, who want a way to receive guidance on the challenges of business ownership. In addition to the confidential networking community, you’ll become part of a social circle and make genuine relationships with your peers.

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Make Lasting Connections With Peers

The goal at Truss® is to add value to our member experiences, and it’s something that leaders across the organization make a high priority. Our progressive model is designed to help improve businesses and inspire growth ideas while also providing an enriching environment that fosters relationships. The valuable connections and insights you gain here can be tapped into across the country where we plan to extend our memberships. With our widening network, we aim to bring you the best opportunities possible.

Exchange a Wealth of Business Insights

It’s important for us to select group members who can help each other navigate some of the challenges they have in common. With plenty of opportunities to socialize and forums for discussions, everyone will find the support they’re looking for at Truss®. We promote a culture of active participation, learning, and mentorship, so that you can make the most of our events. Every interaction and activity that we organize in Arizona will be geared towards cultivating greater opportunities.

Truss® Invites You To Pull Up a Seat at Our Table

Let us get to know you and your business, so we can connect you to a group of members who can help align you with your goals. Our networking groups give you the advantage of gaining useful knowledge and business insights from business owners you can relate to. You’ll also get satisfaction from knowing that what you bring to the table, in terms of your expertise, will serve other members of the group as well. Fill out our contact form for a consultation and learn more about our networking groups for CEOs and C-suite professionals in Arizona.

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