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Just as Truss® builds connections for our members, we are building affiliations nationwide to strengthen our network, increase our capabilities and expand the opportunities of Truss® members. We design events and interactions with growth-based opportunities for our members to gain meaningful relationships and connections. Truss® is a business executive networking group that offers confidential guidance on the biggest challenges leaders often face and a genuine camaraderie that is hard to find.
Look for newly opened areas as we continue to expand our reach.

Creating Valuable Connections

Truss® has the goal of creating the most valuable experiences we possibly can for our members. This goal is shared throughout the leadership team, and across all levels of engagement. We focus on forward movement designed to grow and improve our members’ businesses and enrich their personal lives through building valuable connections. We also believe that these connections don’t need to be centralized to be valuable. As a member of Truss®, you are entitled to the best opportunities, so as we strive to provide these for you, we are building networks in neighboring regions.

Give and Receive, Benefit and Prosper

We continue to cultivate groups of peers who experience similar challenges and provide opportunities and forums for everyone to come together in a supportive environment, where active learning and mentoring are encouraged. Every event, interaction, and activity Truss® plans is rooted in creating better opportunities for our members.

Truss® Has a Place for You at the Table

As we get to know you through our consultation process, we begin to draw from our base of members, identifying those who will be beneficial to you. You gain the advantage of connecting with experienced professionals who provide relevant insight and knowledge in a peer advisory capacity. The more involved you become, the more your experience and expertise will be utilized to benefit others. Learn more about the experiences we organize or fill out our contact form to set up a meeting and join our business professionals and CEO networking group.

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