Tailored Connecting – CEO Networking Groups in Utah

Tailored Connecting is a beneficial service that effectively assists with business relationships amongst CEOs and other executives across various industries to help you accomplish your objectives and get you on the right path for your success. Truss® welcomes in a focused list of members from our CEO networking group to go to unique events to socialize and have conversations that fit your work line in Utah. 

When you have superb mentors with industry experience and expertise, you can be better at handling and navigating the sometimes-uncertain challenges you’re presented with as a group leader. It also allows you to do the same for a peer of yours, bringing both personal and professional satisfaction. Have a conversation with professionals who can provide that fresh perspective you’re looking for and business strategies to address the obstacles your business in Utah is facing.

Why Should You Consider Being a Member?

We assist with making valuable connections for your business in Utah through hosting Tailored Connecting events during the calendar year. These social get-togethers include local meetups, exclusive destination getaways, luncheons, and more. Executive networking groups offer CEOs and other executives a way to learn from their peers and gain valuable, professional guidance. They provide excellent opportunities for you to share your own experience with others. You will see that there are many advantages to a CEO networking group through a dedicated peer group. This includes:

  • Making new contacts
  • Gaining a fresh perspective
  • Accelerating your success
  • Establishing possible partnerships
  • Getting access to mentorship and coaching
  • Staying relevant in your industry
  • Sharing your knowledge and experience

The process is straightforward and convenient. We get to know your responsibilities, the problems you usually encounter, and the objectives of your business. Next, we develop a focused list of CEOs specifically chosen to assist you in fine-tuning your procedures, suggest effective solutions, and accomplish a whole new level of success. We organize invite-only events that are established to promote conversations and make meaningful network connections.

The Value of Executive Networking Groups

We believe that CEO networking groups are one of the most efficient ways to start a valuable relationship with fellow industry leaders and get the necessary feedback that you may not find anywhere else. The specific situations and ambiguous circumstances that executives of companies put up with daily can make it feel as though there is nowhere to get answers to the questions they have. However, in our CEO networking group, you’ll meet experts who know what you’re dealing with and what’s works in their lives. 

Members of Truss® can be your sounding board, and this can be advantageous because it can help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses so that you have an idea about your areas of improvement. Our mentorship program has its unique model and can’t be compared to any other meetup group or online platform. This is an efficient service that will group members by industry, executive experience, region, and more so that the targeted nature of the event will bring about more beneficial outcomes. Executive networking groups are invite-only events that are exclusive to members. Start learning effective corporate strategies and build lasting relationships with your peers.

Here’s How We Can Help

Step 1

We get to know you, your responsibilities, your needs and your goals.

Step 2

We create a targeted list of connections that will help you achieve these goals.

Step 3

We tailor your experience by creating custom, invite-only events for you and your targeted list.

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Every member gets the opportunity to offer their experience and make a positive influence in our CEO networking groups through active participation. We can guarantee you will make valuable connections that will help boost your company’s growth in Utah while taking part in fun, social events throughout the year. Be a part of our membership and cultivate a network of savvy business professionals in Utah. Schedule a consultation with Truss® right away, and we will get back to you with more information about our Tailored Connecting services.

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