Event Overview

Connect Lunches

These monthly events are held at different fine dining establishments and allow members to contine to build new relationships and reconnect. We make it easy for you to grow and keep your network strong. See 2020 dates here.

Local Getaway

The getaway is all about connecting, and this experience is expecially designed to help accelerate your relationships. Meeting the spouses of other members helps you to learn more about them and find new ways to serve. Enjoy a weekend getaway with your closest companion! We've taken care of the details. See 2020 dates here.

Date Nights

Running low on creative date night ideas? Well, we've got you covered! Creating memories with your better half, while reconnecting with your friends, is what Truss Date Nights are all about! Expect treats, connection and lots of fun! See 2020 dates here.

Destination Experiences

Destination Experiences are events for members to connect and build relationships with other leaders and their spouses by having fun together! The seeds of the best opportunities grow after trust has been established by sharing unforgettable experiences. See 2020 dates and locations here.